Apostles’ Creed Part 2 – God the Father Almighty

“God as Father speaks to the transcendence, sovereignty, and love within the Godhead…God’s fatherhood is part of the particularity of God’s self-disclosure. He reveals himself as Father: the Father to Israel, the Father of Jesus, and even the Father of believers” (Michael Bird).

A Redemptive-Historical and Christocentric Approach to Preaching Old Testament Law

Preaching the law can be challenging—theologically, ethically, and culturally. No matter how tempting it is for preachers to dismiss a difficult portion of Scripture, our ministry decisions should be made not out of ease or convenience. In line with the apostolic mandate to “preach the Word” (2 Tim. 4:2), let us preach Christ in Deuteronomy for the people of God entrusted to our care.

Apostles’ Creed Part 1 – “I Believe in God”

“This ancient confession of faith is Christianity. This is what Christians believe—what all Christians believe…This creed is a summary of what the Bible teaches, a narrative of God’s redemptive love, and a concise statement of basic Christianity. All Christians believe more than is contained in the Apostles’ Creed, but none can believe less.” — Albert Mohler

Book Review of Meyer’s “Preaching: A Biblical Theology”

Practitioners and advocates of expository preaching will find Meyer’s work an ally. Vocal critics of expository preaching will find it hard to mount a counter-argument to this work buttressed with Scriptural support through and through. But wherever you are on both sides of the preaching spectrum, you will be moved by this work not just to improve your preaching but to a deeper trust in the unchanging and supreme excellencies of our Savior who alone is the object and end of our preaching.

Book Review of Vanhoozer’s “Hearers and Doers”

Pastors who will read this book will find themselves more confident in the supreme authority of the Scripture, more convinced in the importance of gospel doctrine for discipleship, more motivated to fulfill their glorious gospel calling, and more appreciative of the roles and contributions of the whole Body of Christ (the local church and the universal church) in forming disciples of Jesus.