Sola Scriptura Part 3 – The Sufficiency of the Bible

To celebrate the historical, doctrinal and practical significance of the 500 years of Protestant Reformation (1517-2017), ang sermon series natin ngayon ay ang five foundational doctrines ng panahong iyon. Tinatawag itong The Five Solas. Through the efforts of a lot of pastors and Christian leaders from many churches, nagsisimula nang magkaroon ng bagong reformation ngayon.... Continue Reading →

Sola Scriptura Part 2 – The Clarity of the Bible Pangalawang bahagi na tayo ngayon ng pag-aaral natin sa Sola Scriptura for this month of August. Hanggang December, Five Solas ang sermon series natin. Itong lima na 'to ang five doctrinal pillars na nagpasabog ng tinatawag na Protestant Reformation simula 1517. At nagpapatuloy ang Reformation na 'yan hanggang ngayon. Sola Scriptura - by Scripture... Continue Reading →

Part 2 – Richer than Gold, Sweeter than Honey (Psalm 19)

As your heart treasures the Word of God, you listen to him when you open your Bible, when you close your Bible, and live a life of intimate relationship with him 24/7. Malinaw yan sa unang awit na pag-aaralan natin, sa Psalm 19.

The 12-Week Story of God Audio (Tagalog)

Here are the audio recordings of the stories we are using in sharing The Story of God to others. Listen to these stories over and over again and fall deeper and deeper¬†in love¬†with the God who wrote and is the unchanging Hero of every story. And by the way, would you also care enough to... Continue Reading →

The Story of God (A Summary)

One of the most important principles that can help us read the Bible well is this - read it in context. Every story, every passage in the Bible must be read in light of God's grand story. We must not read passages in isolation from the rest of the Scriptures. We can't fully understand or... Continue Reading →

Word and Worship (Psalm 119:7)

For a lot of people, the word rules has negative connotations. It is something that is restrictive, limiting and controlling. Our desire for independence and self-rule causes us to dislike rules imposed by others, including God's rules written in his Holy Book - the Bible. We complain that it is a burden too heavy for... Continue Reading →

No Shame (Psalm 119:6)

"Nakakahiya" ("I feel ashamed"). Filipinos say that when trying to borrow money from someone to whom they have no close relationship; when caught doing "shameful" acts like stealing or adultery; when falling short of people's expectations in school or at work; when someone speaks something humiliating against them in public, whether the charge was true... Continue Reading →

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