Part 1: Promise Fulfilled

Waiting is hard. We don't usually enjoy it. Especially when it comes to waiting on God's answer to our prayers. Maybe you're now waiting for so many years for God to answer your prayer that he grant you and your husband a baby. But it's not there yet. Or maybe you're praying that God will... Continue Reading →

A True Story (Series Introduction)

Why a sermon series entitled "The Story of Jesus" after the series on "The Story of God's Church"? Why go through the Gospel of Luke after going through the Book of Acts? How do we prepare to study the Gospel of Luke every Sunday? How should we approach this part of God's Word? These are... Continue Reading →

The Story of God (A Summary)

One of the most important principles that can help us read the Bible well is this - read it in context. Every story, every passage in the Bible must be read in light of God's grand story. We must not read passages in isolation from the rest of the Scriptures. We can't fully understand or... Continue Reading →

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