“In Wrath Remember Mercy” (Hab. 3:1-7)

Meron naman talagang time to discuss, to study, to argue, to ask questions. Meron ding time to listen, time to reflect, time to look back sa work ni God in history - especially the cross. This is a time to worship God, believe in God and rejoice in God. Yun ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat. Tulad ni Martha, we can be distracted about so many things sa pandemic ngayon, trying to resolve problems, navigate tensions, but forget the one thing necessary, to listen at the feet of Jesus and worship him.

Sermon: “Let the Whole Earth Be Silent” (Hab. 2:15-20)

Itong coronavirus pinatahimik at pinatigil ang buong mundo. Oo, magulo sa mga ospital, pero nanahimik ang buong mundo. Nabawasan ang krimen, nabawasan ang pollution, ang traffic, natigil ang mga tao sa kaabalahan sa buhay. But it doesn't mean they are obedient to God. Natahimik sila, but not "before God." Yung iba magulo pa rin ang isip, magulo pa rin ang puso. Di kasi sineseryoso ang salita at gawa ng Diyos.

“As the Waters Cover the Sea” (Hab. 2:6-14)

Itong time of suffering during this pandemic ay ginagamit ng Diyos to spread the gospel to all nations, to awaken sinners to the glory of God, and to call them to repentance and faith in Jesus. Let us join God in what he is doing among the nations.

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