Kulang sa Prayer? (Col. 1:9-14)

Kulang tayo sa panalangin. Hindi lang ito sa mga bagong Christians, kundi sa marami sa atin na matagal na sa buhay Cristiano. Sabi nga ni Philip Yancey na pagdating sa prayer, "we are all beginners." If we are honest, there is not much prayer going on in our lives. Hindi natin masyadong naiisip ang ibang... Continue Reading →

Part 15: Only Jesus

What we desperately need in our churches is not more money, more workers, more facilities, more programs, or more people. What we desperately need in our churches is more prayer and more people united in praying together in Jesus' name. Jim Cymbala, author of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, said: "Let's forget the novelties. If we prevail... Continue Reading →

Pray for Heart Change

Do you believe that God has the power to change your heart and the hearts of the people around you? Or do you believe that it is something we can accomplish? The answer to these questions depend on how you pray and what you pray for. So I invite you now to act on what... Continue Reading →

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