The Coronavirus Pandemic and Our Prayers

It is good na mas marami tayong oras ngayon, at mas maraming dahilan para manalangin. Pero mas mainam din kung maiintindihan nating mabuti kung ano ang design ni Lord sa prayer. At dito sa Psalm 50:15, ang daming itinuturo sa atin ni Lord about prayer: “Call on me in a day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you will honor me" (CSB).

“Enlarge My Heart” (Psalm 119:25-32)

The more sufferings we have, sapat na excuse ba yun for us to spend less time in the Word and prayer, para mabawasan ang commitment natin sa Panginoon? No, hangga't nadaragdagan pa nga ang mga sufferings natin, nadaragdagan din ang reasons na meron tayo - the more we need God, the more we need to pray, the more we need to listen to his Word.

“Open My Eyes” (Psalm 119:17-24)

We have a lot of resources, giving you a lot of opportunities to be engaged with the Word everyday. Ang tanong sa 'yo personally ay ito: What are you going to do about it? Magpapatuloy ka ba to make lame excuses na paulit-ulit mo namang sinasabi just to ease your guilt of not reading the Bible and praying enough?

Prayer and Fasting 101 (Tagalog)

Do we really want more of God? Do we want more of God in our lives? Do we want more of God in our families and our marriages? Do we want more of God in our relationships? Do we want more of God in his church? Do we really want more of God in our... Continue Reading →

In God We Trust (Psalms 20-21)

We put our trust in the things we have. Like our job and money to give us security but we end up disappointed and unhappy; like our gadgets to help us get things done and be more productive but we end up more distracted and disconnected to people. We also put our trust in the... Continue Reading →

Ang Dambuhalang Isda (Jonah 2)

Ang kuwento ni Jonah ay kuwento nating lahat. Magandang kuwento, pero mahirap pakinggan. Masakit sa puso. Kasi para kang nakatingin sa salamin at sa tuwing makikita mo ang dungis ni Jonah, nakikita mo rin ang dungis ng puso mo. Malinaw ang utos ng Diyos, malinaw din ang pagsuway natin. Si Jonah, misyonero pero ayaw... Continue Reading →

Narito Lang Ako Para Sa’Yo

Sermon by Ptr. Marlon Santos  Confession and prayer is one that God has been teaching our church. This comes with an admission of one’s sin and sharing with the family in Christ that is not a common thing to do. But God has a Good News for us - Jesus’ victory over sin and death... Continue Reading →

True Worshipers

Why do we do the things we do? Why are we involved in a ministry? Does our heart worship God through our service? Answer the why-question for doing the things we do and God help us make worship of Him as the goal of all the things we do. Listen Now

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