Pray through God’s Story (Week 9)

Here’s the Week 9 guide for praying through God’s story. Use it in your personal prayer time, family worship time, or in your church’s prayer groups. This guide selects key passages from Numbers and Psalms 90 and 95.

Transform suggested Scriptures into a personal prayer. You can pray this way:

God is our Creator, King, Savior, and Shepherd (Psalm 95:1-3, 6-7).

Our heavenly and gracious Father, you are the rock of our salvation. You are our Creator and you deserve my worship and devotion. You are our King and I will honor you at all times. You are a great God, nothing compares to you. You are my God, the shepherd who leads me. Let my heart overflow with songs of praise and thanksgiving.

Repent of your stubbornness and faithlessness. Pray for a heart transformed by the Spirit, always listening to the voice of God – his warnings and his promises (Psalm 95:8-11).

Father, I confess that I am stubborn many times. Your words and commands are clear but I chose to disregard them. Forgive my faithless disregard of your voice. I am now asking you to continue the transforming work of the Spirit in my heart that I may always listen to your voice. Don’t let my heart go astray. Don’t let me suffer away from your presence. I want to have rest in your presence.

Pray that God will raise up men and women in the church who boldly stand for God, even when everyone else around them are against them (Numbers 14:8-10).

Lord, will you now raise up more men and women in our church who are like Joshua and Caleb. Raise up an army who will strongly and boldly oppose the current streams of our culture – parents, young people, and children who will rally your people not to rebel but to magnify your name, and who will endure to the end even if it costs them their lives.

Pray for God’s blessing to reach your non-Christian friend, an unreached people group, or a nation (Numbers 6:24-26).

Father, I pray for my unbelieving relatives, for fellow Filipinos in Mindanao who are not Christ-followers, and for our whole country where many are deceiving themselves and calling themselves Christians (even though they really don’t follow Jesus) – I’m praying for them that you will extend the blessing of your presence even to them, so that they will respond in faith and repentance. Protect them, give them peace, and let your grace be upon them always.

Pray for daily wisdom. Pray for God’s blessing as we work toward the fulfillment of his purpose and calling in and through us (Psalm 90:12, 16-17).

Lord, I’m praying that you will give me a heart of wisdom. Teach me to use my days (24 hours a day, seven days a week) in ways that bring glory to you. Don’t let me waste my time in non-profitable activities. May you bless me as I work toward the fulfillment of your purpose to bless even other people through me.

Praise and thank the Lord for his unchanging character, for the security we have in him at all times (Psalm 90:1-2).

Lord, thank you for your protection. Thank you because you never change and remain the source of confidence and security even when situations in our country and the people around us are in turmoil. From everlasting to everlasting you are God, you are my God.

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