Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 10)

Our parents are far from perfect. They did terrible things in the past – things that affect our lives today. As children, we try to imitate their good examples. But we ourselves did terrible things in our lives that reflect what our parents did or didn’t do. So our natural tendency is to put the blame on them.

But we must not do that. God will hold them accountable for all the mess they created – things that hurt not only their own generation but even the succeeding generations. And he will also hold us accountable for following in their bad examples.

As we have seen in last week’s story, God disciplines a faithless generation. It is true for Israel then, it is also true for us today. We must heed this warning. But we must also take heart because God’s promised blessing remains for a new generation – our generation. But we have a choice to make – receive it by faith or reject it by faithlessness. That’s what the next part of The Story is all about.

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