Part 9: Master-Teacher

Our goal for our series in Luke (“The Story of Jesus”) is to know Jesus more. To remind us again and again that life is not about us, but about him. And when we get to know Jesus more fully, our relationship with him gets deeper and more intimate.


It is absolutely important that we know the “whole” Jesus. Many people today believe that just by “accepting Jesus into your heart as Savior” you will get saved.

But that’s only half of the story. He is not just a Savior. He is both Savior and Lord.

If you accept Jesus as Savior, but not follow him as Lord, you are accepting only a half-Jesus that is not the true Jesus at all. It is a package deal. Accepting a half-Jesus does not make you a half-Christian. It makes you not a Christian at all!


If you want to know why I said that, I invite you to listen to part 9 of the sermon series The Story of Jesus based on the story of Luke 6:12-49. You can also read, download, and share this sermon to your friends.

Listen to sermon…

Note: To download the audio (in mp3), click the “menu” button on the bottom right corner of the sermon player.

Read sermon notes:  

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