Part 8: The New Way

I will describe to you two kinds of people and you tell me which one of them is a Christian or which one is more acceptable to God and deserving of more of his blessings.


A guy who smokes three cigarettes a day? Or one who avoids smoking?

A girl who drinks Red Horse beer? Or one who eats a healthy diet?

A widow whose past time is gossipping with her neighbor? Or one who goes to church every Sunday?

A male student wearing earrings and tattoos, cutting classes and cheating on his exams? Or one who is diligent and honest in his studies?

A kid who bullies his classmates? Or one who behaves well in school and is obedient to his parents?

If your answer to each question is the second one, then you’re wrong. It may look like on the outside that they were better than the first one, but how can you know for sure? How can you even tell which one is most likely a Christian when I don’t even mention something about their relationship with Jesus?

Do you see the problem in our way of thinking and looking at other people? We look at what they do or what they don’t do. But we must remember that the essence of true biblical Christianity is not based on what we do or what we don’t do. Christianity or our way of acceptance with God depends not on what we do but on whom we are with, not on on our performance but on what Jesus accomplished in our behalf.

Jesus came to tell us that there’s a New Way to live. That means abandoning our Old Way of living, even if that way of living looks better than how most people live their lives.


If you want to know why the New Way of Jesus is better than our Old Way, I invite you to listen to part 8 of the sermon series The Story of Jesus based on the story of Luke 5:33-6:11. You can also read, download, and share this sermon to your friends.

Listen to sermon…

Note: To download the audio (in mp3), click the “menu” button on the bottom right corner of the sermon player.

Read sermon notes:  

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