Part 9: Master-Teacher

Our goal for our series in Luke ("The Story of Jesus") is to know Jesus more. To remind us again and again that life is not about us, but about him. And when we get to know Jesus more fully, our relationship with him gets deeper and more intimate. It is absolutely important that we... Continue Reading →

Following Jesus the Lord of All

Two weeks ago, we started a new sermon series (year long!) in our church entitled "Following Jesus the Lord of All." Its goal is to obey Jesus' Great┬áCommission of making disciples of all nations. Before he ascended into heaven, the risen Christ said: All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.... Continue Reading →

“Servant” or “Slave”?

Almost all English translations of the Bible render the Greek word doulos, when used in reference to our relationship with Christ, as "servant." It is true that we are "servants" of Christ. However, mere servanthood does not carry the full meaning of the word doulos. John MacArthur (The Gospel According to Jesus, p. 28) explains:... Continue Reading →

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