Book Review of Meyer’s “Preaching: A Biblical Theology”

Practitioners and advocates of expository preaching will find Meyer’s work an ally. Vocal critics of expository preaching will find it hard to mount a counter-argument to this work buttressed with Scriptural support through and through. But wherever you are on both sides of the preaching spectrum, you will be moved by this work not just to improve your preaching but to a deeper trust in the unchanging and supreme excellencies of our Savior who alone is the object and end of our preaching.

Book Review of Vanhoozer’s “Hearers and Doers”

Pastors who will read this book will find themselves more confident in the supreme authority of the Scripture, more convinced in the importance of gospel doctrine for discipleship, more motivated to fulfill their glorious gospel calling, and more appreciative of the roles and contributions of the whole Body of Christ (the local church and the universal church) in forming disciples of Jesus.

Highlights: “The Gospel According to God”

“Jesus received no help or succor in his death. He suffered under the relentless, unrelieved terrors of divine wrath and fury against sin. God arrived in the blackness at Calvary to bring judgment, not on the ungodly, but on his Son. God brought the outer darkness of hell to Calvary that day as he unleashed the full extent of his wrath against the sins of all who would ever believe in Jesus Christ. Infinite wrath moved by infinite righteousness brought infinite punishment on the eternal Son.”