Gospel Awakening Session 4 – The Heart of the Gospel (Jurem Ramos)

Our desperate condition drives us toward the perfect righteousness of Christ as the only way for us to be right with God. Why is the law insufficient to provide us the righteousness required of us? What did Christ’s perfect obedience and his sacrificial death on the cross accomplish for us? What is meant by the biblical terms substitution, redemption, propitiation and justification, and why are they crucial in having a firm grasp of the gospel message?

Sola Fide Part 2 – Faith Plus Works?

Ang focus ng pag-aaral natin sa sola fide ay ang doctrine ng "justification by faith alone." Sabi ni Martin Luther, itong doktrinang ito ay "the article upon which the church stands or falls." What is at stake here is the heart of the gospel itself. Ito ang battleground ng Protestant Reformation. If you don't affirm... Continue Reading →

Sola Fide Part 1 – Justification by Faith Alone (John Hofileña)

Pag-aaralan po natin ang Galatians 2:15-21. And while you are turning or tapping to that portion of Scripture, let me tell you a story I read from J.C. Ryle's Why Were Our Reformers Burned? https://audiomack.com/song/derick-parfan/sola-fide-part-1-justification-by-faith-alone      This is the story of John Rogers, one of the first English Reformers. He studied in Cambridge University and... Continue Reading →

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