Habakkuk (Study Series)

The following are expositional Bible studies and sermons I taught our church online while in enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the coronavirus pandemic (April 2020). You are free to use these lessons for your church’s online meetings. Wag lang siyempre word for word. Basta do first the hard work of studying the text, saka i-apply sa context ng church n’yo. Whenever you use exact words/ideas from these lessons, it is good practice (for integrity’s sake) to cite your source. May God be glorified, and his church be equipped and encouraged during this present crisis.

Sermon: Habakkuk Overview (Apr. 5)

Bible Study: “How Long, O Lord?” (1:1-4) (Apr. 8)

Bible Study: “Look and Be Astounded” (1:5-11) (Apr. 10)

Sermon: “My Holy One, Why Oh Why?” (1:12-17) (Apr. 12)

Bible Study: “The Righteous Shall Live by Faith” (2:1-5) (Apr. 15)

Bible Study: “As the Waters Cover the Sea” (2:6-14) (Apr. 17)

Sermon: “Let the Whole Earth Be Silent” (2:15-20) (Apr. 19)

Bible Study: “In Wrath Remember Mercy” (3:1-7) (Apr. 22)

Bible Study: “The Salvation of Your People” (3:8-15) (Apr. 24)

Sermon: “I will Rejoice in the Lord” (3:16-19) (Apr. 26)

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