Ang Ika-Anim na Utos

Kapag nakikita mo na itong "murder" ay ginagawa lang ng mga kriminal, you see the problem as outside of you. You feel better than other people, nagiging self-righteous ka. Kasi di mo nakikita na this "murder" is also in your heart. Hayaan mo ngayon na itong utos/batas na 'to ay magsilbing salamin sa kundisyon ng puso mo. Not primarily for others, but for you.

Part 10: Life-Giver

One ordinary Wednesday morning, as I was on my way to the seminary where I teach, I saw something out of the ordinary. While crossing the pedestrian overpass, I noticed that many people were looking up. So I also looked up to see what the commotion is all about. Then, I saw this young man... Continue Reading →

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