Part 5 – Hardships and the Pursuit of Holiness (1:13-21) In our study of 1 Peter, natuklasan nating walang anumang suffering ang naeexperience ng mga anak ng Diyos ang masasayang. Your sufferings are not meaningless. Every pain, every hurt, every tear matters. Not just in this life, but also in the life to come. Pero yung response natin sa mga sufferings na nararanasan natin... Continue Reading →

Part 8 – David and Uzzah

Madali tayong ma-impress ng husay, galing, ganda at talino ng ibang tao. Basketball man 'yan, o mga celebrity singers and performers, political or religious leaders. We are easily impressed by human glory. Glory man ng ibang tao o glory natin. Ang iba, poging-pogi, gandang-ganda, hangang-hanga sa sarili. We easily forget that there is a glory... Continue Reading →

Part 4 – In the Splendor of Holiness (Psalm 96)

We worship by praising God with his people and by proclaiming the gospel to all peoples. We worship for who God is (Creator, King, Judge/Savior) and what God is for us (great, glorious and gracious). We worship with rejoicing and with trembling.

Gospel-Magnifying Godliness (Titus 2:1-10)

Natural sa ating mga Filipino ang pakikisama. Kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga kaopisina, kaklase, kaibigan, yun din ang ginagawa natin. Natural sa atin yun kasi gusto natin cool ang tingin sa 'tin, accepted tayo. Pero dahil ang tao makasalanan, ang mundo natin puno ng kasamaan, karaniwan ang pakikisama ay nagiging pakikisama (napapasama). Kung... Continue Reading →

Eagle in an Iron Cage

It is common to hear people saying on their deathbeds, "I only want the Lord to forgive me my sins, and take me to rest." But those who say such things forget the rest of heaven would be utterly useless if we had no heart to enjoy it! What could an unsanctified man do in... Continue Reading →

Pray through God’s Story (Week 8)

Here's the Week 8 guide for praying through God's story. Use it in your personal prayer time, family worship time, or in your church's prayer groups. This guide selects key passages from Leviticus. Related Resources: Week 7 Guide Leading a God-Centered Prayer Meeting

Let’s Talk about God’s Story (Week 8)

Here's the discussion guide for Week 8 of The Story of God. This guide includes the story of God's giving of the law in Mt. Sinai, recorded in Leviticus. Use this in your small group, family worship time, Sunday School class, or for sharing to non-Christians. If you want to listen to the sermon related... Continue Reading →

Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 8)

Let's admit it, the book of Leviticus doesn't excite us as much as Genesis and Exodus. One of the benefits of following a Bible reading plan is that it forces you to read parts of Scripture you won't usually prefer to read. We learn to read the Bible with the same conviction as that of... Continue Reading →

Pursuing Love at the Expense of Holiness?

Last night, I had the privilege of teaching God's Word to a group of students (State Varsity Christian Fellowship)¬†of the University of the Philippines on the topic Pursuing Holiness in Love. I introduced the message with these words: In terms of relationships many young people today pursue the wrong things, things that are trivial and... Continue Reading →

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