The Story of the Three-in-One God

When we say that the Bible is The Story of God, we mean that this is the Story of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One God, three persons. There is a profound mystery surrounding this doctrine of the Trinity that no human mind can completely comprehend. However, it becomes clearer as we go through the whole Story of God.

In the Old Testament, the highlight is the work of God the Father. He is the Creator of all things. When human beings mounted a united front in rebellion against him, he was the one reaching out to rebels and initiating a plan that will ultimately bring back all nations to himself. He confirmed this promise to Abraham through a covenant that through him and his descendants, all nations will be blessed. From him came the nation Israel. This nation experienced God’s power in redeeming them out of slavery. But in spite of that, they turned their back away from him and embraced idols. But God is not finished with them yet; he repeatedly makes and confirms his promises to restore them to himself.

The Old Testament is mainly the story of God the Father. But I am not saying that God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were absent in that story. They were not. But their presence and their work were not that obvious.

That obviously changed when the curtain of the New Testament opens. We witness in the story of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) the life, ministry, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. The Gospels is the Story of God the Son. Through his sacrifice on the cross, God’s justice and mercy were demonstrated. God claims victory over sin and death in Jesus’ resurrection. The spotlight is on Son of God at this point in the Story of God. It is not that the Father and the Spirit were absent. We know they were not. But the focus is on Jesus.

From the story in Acts to Revelation, our time included, to the return of the Lord Jesus, we can now know more about the nature, the role and the works of the Spirit. It is not that Jesus is now absent. Luke mentioned in Acts 1:1 that he was writing about what Jesus began to do and teach in his first book (The Gospel of Luke). This implies that the book of Acts records what Jesus continues to do through the Holy Spirit. It means that the work of the risen Jesus is not yet finished. He gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) to his disciples before he ascended to heaven. And he promised, “I am with you always to the end of the age.” Physically, he left his disciples. But his presence through the Spirit still remains with us until today.

The Story of God is the story of God’s work of redemption – planning redemption (by the Father), purchasing redemption (by the Son), and applying redemption (by the Spirit).

Now, here’s the question: how about us? Where do we fit in that Story? In most parts of The Story, the role of human beings were that of rebels – even the chosen people of Israel who chose instead to go against God’s purposes and reject the Messiah’s kingdom. Exceptions to that are few. Do we even have a good part to play in this Story? Yes, of course.

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  1. pastor Derick ako din po bka pede makuha yung link,yung daughter ko po kasi ay nagtuturo sa mga kids sa church every sunday makakatulong po iyang Story of God for kids.tnx Godbless po.


      1. thank you pastor Derick magagamit po ito ng anak ko pra sa teaching for kids.isa po ako sa mga tagasunod ninyo sa mga sermon topic nyo,lately klang po nakita ang site from facebook,nkakatulong po ito sakin sa paglago ng faith at relasyon ko sa pangionoon.isa po kaming born again christian d2 sa san mateo rizal.may tanong lang ako pastor about sa doctrine ng deliverance at edfying spirit sa church,wala pa naman kaming ganung practices sa church namen pro nakikita ko po sa ngaun na halos lahat ng born again denomination sa pilipinas ay pumasok na sa ganong doktrina at nag perform na sila ng healing,sign and wonders.bka meron po kayong ganung teaching or topic na pede ko pong mabasa.maraming salamat po n Godbless.



      2. Hello, brother. Thanks for following this site. Hope you can recommend it to others so that they too will be blessed by the Word of God. Tungkol sa tanong mo about deliverance, hindi ko pa naadress ang topic na iyan sa church namin. But like in other issues, we need to think biblically, to discern whether it is from the Spirit or not. We need to be cautious but at the same time, we need to be open to how the Spirit leads.


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