Training to Walk in His Steps

Even if the new way is clearly the better way, it is still hard to change our old ways of doing things.

Making adjustments in the way we live is not that easy. An ex-convict who spent 20 years in prison will ask himself after being granted his freedom, “Now what?” When he goes back home, he doesn’t know immediately how to act or to relate to his family. Definitely, there’s joy, but there are also struggles in making the necessary adjustments.

We are so used to our old way of life that it’s hard to imagine that we’re living a new life. That’s the Christian life. That’s the life of a follower of Jesus. We now belong in God’s kingdom. But because we are so used to living life outside the kingdom, we don’t know what it means to live inside and stay living inside the kingdom of God.

That’s why we need to make adjustments…daily. We need to be trained how to walk now in the steps of Jesus, in the way of our new Master. That’s what Jesus did to his disciples. That’s what we need to do to help other followers of Jesus.

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