The Story of God (new edition)

Ang manual na 'to ay guide para makatulong sa atin na ma-ishare ang gospel at kung paano ito makikita sa buong Kuwento ng Bibliya. Kasama dito ang ilang mga basic stories na pwede nating gamitin in a span of 12 group sessions.

How to Read the Bible (video series)

The¬†How to Read the Bible¬†series walks through each literary style found in the Bible, and how each uniquely contributes to the overall whole. While the Bible is one unified story, it cannot all be read in the same way, as each literary style lives by its own rules and structure; this we will explore in... Continue Reading →

Meron Akong Kwento Sa Inyo

Sermon by Ptr. Marlon Santos Jesus died for our sin and resurrected to life to give us hope in Him. As the story of God makes connections in our lives, we are to tell the same story to the people who remain hopeless until they know Jesus and trust in Him. Nonetheless, the gospel is... Continue Reading →

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