Sermon: “The Spirit Dwells in You” (Rom. 8:9-11)

Simula nang tayo ay sumampalataya kay Cristo, nag-move-in na ang Espiritu para manirahan sa atin. Hindi para bumisita at magkape. Hindi para tumambay lang nang matagal-tagal. Hindi para mag-overnight lang. Hindi para mag-staycation lang. Hindi naman parang hotel ang puso natin. Itong katawan natin ang permanent residence niya.

Part 3: Why Fight Together

...change is something God intends his people to experience together. It's a corporate goal. What God does in individuals is part of a larger story of redemption that involves all of God's people through the ages. (Paul Tripp, How People Change, p. 77) Being involved with people is time consuming, messy, and complicated. From our point... Continue Reading →

The Story of the Three-in-One God

When we say that the Bible is The Story of God, we mean that this is the Story of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One God, three persons. There is a profound mystery surrounding this doctrine of the Trinity that no human mind can completely comprehend. However, it becomes clearer... Continue Reading →

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