Bad News! Good News!

No one likes to hear bad news. Last week, the news of flooding in Manila and nearby provinces shocked and made many of us sad. We heard about many people’s sufferings – their houses got flooded, many had to evacuate, some people died, and those who survived find it hard to get food and water.

The Word of God also contains bad news. They are so bad many people find it hard and shocking to read. But we also need to hear this bad news. As we hear them, we get more excited to hear the good news that follows after that.

The news about the coming “Day of the Lord” is just like that. This is one of the prominent themes in the prophetic book of Zephaniah. Discover here why the Day of the Lord is both bad and good news.

Click here (or the image thumbnail on the left) to read, listen, download or share the sermon The Day of the Lord is Coming, chapter 29 in The Story of God sermon series. Story guides and story graphics are also available for download.

If you want to listen to other sermons in this series, click here.

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