True and Better

One common error in reading the Old Testament is assuming that it is about us. So, we read stories about Abraham or Moses and look for insights for living, leadership principles, ways to respond to adversity, etc. We forget that the Old Testament is mainly about God - how he revealed his perfect character and... Continue Reading →

Bad News! Good News!

No one likes to hear bad news. Last week, the news of flooding in Manila and nearby provinces shocked and made many of us sad. We heard about many people's sufferings - their houses got flooded, many had to evacuate, some people died, and those who survived find it hard to get food and water.... Continue Reading →

Un-Bribeable Justice

God is love. That's true. He will show mercy to those who are oppressed. He will help the helpless. However, our tendency is to focus on God's loving character and neglect this equally important attribute of God - our God is a God of justice. That's why it is important to study the often neglected... Continue Reading →

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