Spiritual Fiesta

There is indeed great joy in hearing and holding on to God’s promises again and again. 

I will feast the soul of the priests with abundance, and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness…I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish (Jer. 31:14, 25).

Here God promises not satisfaction of bodily appetites or pleasures but a satisfaction of the heart and soul. The heart gets weary, tired and weak due to our own sin or due to the disheartening things happening around us. But it is absolutely wonderful that God promises to deal with our weary hearts!  He will satisfy it, strengthen it. By what? Not by the things of this world but by his goodness, his abundant goodness.

This passage reminds me that my heart should not and cannot ever be satisfied with other than God. When God satisfies, it isn’t just by what is enough. It is abundant. It is a feasting. He has more than enough for everyone who thirsts and hungers for his goodness.

O my soul, taste and see that your Lord is good, that he alone is good and eternally satisfying. Nothing and no one but God can really satisfy you.

O my soul, feast on the goodness of the Lord. Don’t ever leave his table. Don’t trade it for anything less.


  1. And to think you posted this in the aftermath of Julia Child’s 100th birthday. How fitting!
    So many otherwise well-fed individuals are starving with a spiritual hunger they won’t openly admit, even as the real feast is open before us. Well-prepared food can be a blessing, of course, especially when it’s fresh from the farm or garden. And daily bread, well, we can take it in both its literal and metaphorical senses. But consume as we will, gluttony will not satisfy.
    So how do we extend the invitation in ways the spiritually hungry will follow up on?


    1. Julia Child! My wife and I watched Julie and Julia a few months ago. We love that movie.

      And yes, your observation is true. We are fascinated with food and God himself gives us that desire. But what a lot of people are missing is the truth that one purpose God created food is so that we may long for the satisfaction that comes only through “the Bread of Life.”


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