Pursuing Love at the Expense of Holiness?

Last night, I had the privilege of teaching God’s Word to a group of students (State Varsity Christian Fellowship) of the University of the Philippines on the topic Pursuing Holiness in Love. I introduced the message with these words:

In terms of relationships many young people today pursue the wrong things, things that are trivial and temporal. As Christians, we are called to pursue biblical and God-centered goals, things that are utterly important and lasting. We have to admit that even Christians act like the Christ-less world of young people today in terms of our relationship with each other. Instead of pursuing holiness in love, we are pursuing love without holiness. We are not really, then, pursuing love; we are pursuing lust. Lust desires to get from other people what we want; love desires to give to other people what they need. In our pursuit of love even at the expense of holiness, we end up pursuing our lustful desires. [continue reading]

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