Want to be Like Christ? (Col. 3:10-14)

Sinabi ni Antonio Luna sa movie adaptation ng buhay niya na Heneral Luna: "Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa mga Amerikano. Ang ating sarili." Totoo din iyan sa ating magkakapatid kay Cristo. Ang totoong giyera natin wala sa labas, kundi nasa loob, nasa puso natin. https://audiomack.com/song/derick-parfan/want-to-be-like-christ-col-310-14 Lahat tayo na mga nakay Cristo lumalaban sa... Continue Reading →

The Pastor’s Mess and the Rescue of Grace

Pastors, we're still a bit of a mess. We're all at times very poor examples of the truths we teach. We all have the dark ability to expound a passage that lauds God's grace yet be a husband or father of ungrace in the car on the way home. You can lead a men's ministry discussion... Continue Reading →

Salt and Light

To follow Jesus is to accept his mission in this world. Christ came to rescue a lost and dying world. Our mission remains the same. Across the streetOr around the worldThe mission’s still the sameProclaim and live the TruthIn Jesus’ name But why is it that in spite of the large number of Christians in... Continue Reading →

“Don’t Look Inside You, Efren”

In Galatians 1:13-24, Paul proves the truth of his gospel by giving an account of the events before he met Jesus Christ (1:13-14), when he met Jesus Christ (1:15-16), and after his encounter with Christ (1:17-24). In this account Paul confirms the truth of the gospel by pointing out the radical transformation that happens in... Continue Reading →

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