Highlights: “The Gospel According to God”

“Jesus received no help or succor in his death. He suffered under the relentless, unrelieved terrors of divine wrath and fury against sin. God arrived in the blackness at Calvary to bring judgment, not on the ungodly, but on his Son. God brought the outer darkness of hell to Calvary that day as he unleashed the full extent of his wrath against the sins of all who would ever believe in Jesus Christ. Infinite wrath moved by infinite righteousness brought infinite punishment on the eternal Son.”

A Radically Different Story (1 Peter 3:18-22)

The way we respond to bad situations and bad people must be different. Because we have a different story, we embrace Jesus story, at ito ang ikukuwento din natin sa iba.

Mga kapatid, let us continue to be good news people in a bad news world. Our unbelieving president, your unbelieving spouse, your unbelieving friends desperately need this good news.

Part 14 – David and His Census

Iba't iba ang kuwento ng buhay ng bawat isa sa atin. Bawat isang tao, ibang kuwento. Ibang karanasan sa pamilya, ibang karanasan sa buhay, ibang pakikibaka sa kahirapan, ibang pakikipaglaban sa kasalanan. Pero kung Cristiano ka, we share the same basic and great Story.  Dahil sa kuwentong ito, ang Diyos and Bida. https://www.audiomack.com/song/derick-parfan/part-14-david-and-his-census Listen on... Continue Reading →

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