Gospel Awakening Session 4 – The Heart of the Gospel (Jurem Ramos)

Our desperate condition drives us toward the perfect righteousness of Christ as the only way for us to be right with God. Why is the law insufficient to provide us the righteousness required of us? What did Christ’s perfect obedience and his sacrificial death on the cross accomplish for us? What is meant by the biblical terms substitution, redemption, propitiation and justification, and why are they crucial in having a firm grasp of the gospel message?

Gospel Awakening Session 3 – None is Righteous (Jurem Ramos)

The center of the gospel is the death of Christ and the reason why He died is to deal with sin. Therefore, the proclamation of the gospel is incomplete without addressing the issue of sin. This means explaining that men and women are sinners and are therefore under the wrath of God is important if we want to present the gospel properly.

Killing My Pet

Before you continue reading this, think of one sin in your life you are finding it hard to let go of or turn away from. If you cannot think of any, this post is not for you. But if you want to know how to deal with remaining sins in your life, then continue reading...... Continue Reading →

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