A Call to Fight

A call to fight is a call to faith.

A year after the Israelites came out of Egypt, the Lord charged them to enter the Promised Land. But what happened? They feared their enemies! They refused to fight. They said, “It’s better to go back to Egypt than die and risk our families’ safety here!”

That’s why they wandered in the wilderness for the next 38 years. None among the generation (20 years and above) of those who have seen God’s wonders in Egypt were able to enter the Promised Land, except Joshua and Caleb.

Let us remember that God has a promise to Abraham and to his descendants (Gen. 12, 15). First, he promised that they will be a great nation. God fulfilled that promise. Other nations were now afraid to even touch them.

Second, God will bless them that they will be a blessing to other nations also. For 40 years, God made sure that the people don’t lack anything. He gave them what they need everyday. He gave them his presence.

Third, God promised to give them a land of their own. This promise was delayed for almost 40 years, because of the people’s stubbornness. But God was still determined to give it to them. Now, Moses was dead and Joshua took over his role. The people were now on the borders of the Promised Land, much like what happened years ago. Will God’s promise be fulfilled now? What will happen? Will the people respond like their parents did? Will they still be afraid?

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