Part 9 – On Curses (Psalm 137)

Hindi tamang iwanan na natin ang pag-aaral natin sa Psalms kung hindi ko tatalakayin ang mga awit na tulad ng Psalm 137. Mahirap pag-aralan, mahirap ipaliwanag, mahirap siyasatin kung paano isasabuhay ang mga katulad nito. Ano'ng mararamdaman mo pag narinig mo 'to: "Kayong mga taga-Babilonia, kayoʼy wawasakin! Mapalad ang mga taong lilipol sa inyo gaya ng... Continue Reading →

Kaya Natin ‘To

Sermon by Ptr. Robin Siducon More than what we do to carry each other’s burdens that include spiritual, financial, and ministry burdens, Jesus Christ carried the heaviest burden. He is the ultimate burden bearer who carried the sins of the world and gave life for all. In Him, we find rest. Listen Now

Series Over! What’s Next?

The 12-week sermon series in the Book of Acts is now over. You can read, listen, download and share the sermons here. So, what's next? This Sunday, join us in the start of another series (but this time it will take us at least 12 months) - The Story of Jesus. This will be a... Continue Reading →

You and Jonah

If God draws near through his word and billions of people in the world still live a life totally separate from God, then we must do something. We who are now near to God because of his Word through Jesus Christ are given the mandate to bring this same Word to them. By "we" I... Continue Reading →

Words and Intimacy

The use of words and good communication patterns are important in strengthening human relationships. Two people start becoming friends and become closer to each other as they spend time with each other - telling and listening to each other's stories. A man and a woman know each other more and fall in love with each... Continue Reading →

Sex and the Story of God

Sex is part of the Story of God. Find out why and how. Click here (or the image thumbnail on the left) to read, listen, download or share the sermon God Celebrates Sexual Love in Marriage, chapter 22 inThe Story of God sermon series. Story guides and story graphics are also available for download. If you... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Worship

“The fear of (reverential trust in) the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10) True wisdom begins and continues with a right and intimate relationship with God. Heavenly wisdom in everyday life is possible only when you are a God-worshipper. The big deal about having wisdom... Continue Reading →

Want to Have More Money?

Most probably, you will answer my question in the title of this blog post, "Yes!" But if I will entitle this post Want to Give More Money?, only a handful will bother to take a look. Money is a big issue. Giving is a bigger issue. When you talk about giving, you are touching the pocket... Continue Reading →


King David. Goliath-killer. Brave warrior. A shepherd boy who became Israel's finest king. A poet and musician. A worshiper. A man after God's own heart. King David. When we hear that name, we can easily paint a beautiful portrait of his character in the Bible. He was, after all, called "a man after God’s own... Continue Reading →

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