Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 7)

Today is Valentine’s Day. So do you have a date? Or are you still looking for the one who will date you or the one whom you can take for a date?

We all long for someone whom we can share our love with and who will love us in return. God created us with this longing.

But he wants us to realize that this longing for a love relationship is a longing no man can fill in a woman’s heart, no woman can fill in a man’s heart, no father can fill in his son’s heart. No one and nothing in this world can satisfy that longing apart from God.

He created and saved us for himself. He redeemed his chosen people, Israel, to draw them to himself. But how did they respond to it? And how must we respond to it?

God is looking forward to have a date with you – you and him alone. Not just today. But everyday.

To listen, read, download, or share chapter 7 of The Story of God sermon series, click here (or the image thumbnail above).

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