“Pastors, We’re Still a Bit of a Mess”

Pastors, we're still a bit of a mess. We're all at times very poor examples of the truths we teach. We all have the dark ability to expound a passage that lauds God's grace yet be a husband or father of ungrace in the car on the way home. You can lead a men's ministry... Continue Reading →

Part 8 – Fighting Well

Kapag may away kayong mag-asawa, tandaan mong hindi ang asawa mo ang kaaway mo. Hindi siya ang dapat mong labanan. Your enemy is your sinful self. Kahit pa nasasaktan ka ng asawa mo, tandaan mong ang kasalanan sa puso mo ang dapat mong labanan at patayin. You will learn how to fight well when you learn how to fight against your real enemy. Sa halip na kayo ang mag-away, magtutulong kayong labanan ang natitira pang kasalanan sa puso n'yo. When you remember that, it will make a lot of difference in your marriage, and in all relationships for that matter.

Grace for Your Daily Mess (Titus 2:11-15)

Pursuing godliness is not easy. Kahit sa ating mga Cristiano na. Kahit nga sa aming mga pastor na, mahirap pa rin. Honestly, I'm still battling against lust and pride, and inaamin kong I still fail in loving my wife, my kids, our church and the lost as God wants me too. At natuklasan ko rin... Continue Reading →

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