Reformation 500 and the Gospel


Last May 23-26, more than 3,500 people gathered in Hong Kong to celebrate the gospel and the 500 years of Protestant Reformation (1517-2017). This event was sponsored and organized by China Partnership, so most of the participants were Chinese Christians. There were some from the US and other Southeast Asian countries. I also met a few Filipinos.


Plenary speakers were John Piper (The Power of the Gospel), Paul Tripp (Gospel Renewal), and Richard Pratt (The Gospel of the Kingdom).

The following sermon serves as my effort to summarize the nine messages they gave during the conference.

I emphasized in this sermon that the gospel is “the power of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16). But because we have such a limited view of salvation (like forgiveness of sins and going to heaven), we need to recover a broader biblical worldview. So, the gospel is the power of God…

  1. For treasuring the glories of Christ (Piper’s emphasis);
  2. For everyday life transformation (Tripp’s emphasis); and
  3. For bringing God’s Kingdom on earth (Pratt’s emphasis).

I don’t have a readable manuscript (yet?) of this sermon. But you may read Jackson Wu’s overview and commentary on the three plenary speakers here.

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