Against the Flow

What we see in media like TV and Internet reflect the kind of culture we are living in now. And because many of us often see the images and hear the ideas presented by popular media, they also shape how we think and look at life. And if we are not careful, the worldliness of today’s media will be the driving force in our life and it will affect the decisions we make everyday.

If we will spend time evaluating the advertisements being played on TV and posted on large billboards along our major roads, we will see that they promote a certain kind of culture.

We see that we are now living in a materialistic society. The ads will entice you to buy this and to buy that, even if you don’t need those things. Whether you are poor or rich, our society is driven by money and material possessions.

We also live in a sexually-driven society. Look at most of the ads whose market are men. You don’t know if what they are really selling are techie gadgets or their sexy models.

Even in the religious sectors of our society, even when Bible verses and spiritual/inspirational quotes are flooding our Facebook wall, that’s not necessarily a good thing. It may be an expression of nominal Christianity in our country.

Many people say that they believe in God, but the way they spend their money, the way they work, and the way they relate to other people reveal that they are worshiping the idols of money, sex and even religion.

That’s the problem. That’s why it is really hard to be a true follower of Christ in today’s society.

So ask yourself, “Will I let the flow of our society’s river drive my life and the decisions I make everyday? Or will I go against that flow and stay faithful to God and my calling?”

I am inviting you to study the story of Daniel and see how Christians can stay faithful to God while living in this hostile world.

Click the image thumbnails on the left to listen, read, download or share the sermons God Rules All the Kingdoms of Men and God Will Rule All the Kingdoms of Menchapters 34 and 35 in The Story of God sermon series.

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  1. Hi, Pastor Derick! I bumped into your blog as I’m for articles that embeds the theme “against the flow.” I’m looking for resources like this to be included in our conference manual in our upcoming Youth Conference this December. May I ask permission po, if pwede po pa hiram and share your article? 🙂 Hoping for your consideration. Thank you!


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