The Self-Centered God?

Self-centeredness is a a sin. Well, that is only true when applied to us. But when we say God is self-centered, that is not a sin. He is righteously self-centered. Why is that? Self-centeredness for us is a sin because we are not giving the glory due to the One who alone is worthy of it. So, God is calling us to be God-centered because we have a God-centered God. He wants his Church to be consumed with a single passion for the glory of God in all of life because our God is consumed with a single passion for his own glory.

The great theologian John Calvin said that God placed us in this world which is like putting us in a “beautiful theater” (Institutes, 1.14.20). So, we need to treat our life as “the beautiful theater of God.” He has the leading role in this act. He is the Hero of “The Story of God.” We don’t grab the lead role from him.

We are spectators in this theater. So, turn the spotlight off yourself. Because life is not about self, money, sex, ministry, family, friends, beauty, strength, or achievement. Don’t put the spotlight on those things. Rather, turn the spotlight to God. “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do (preach, write, update Facebook status, talk with a friend, watch movies, lead in worship, give to the poor, spend money, etc.) do it all for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31).

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