Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 9)

My one-year old son Daniel is holding my phone, and is about to put it into his mouth. I said, “No!” He keeps on doing it anyway. I just smiled because it’s cute. But if in one or two years, that act won’t be cute anymore.

I heard many parents complain about their kids stubborn behaviors. When they tell their kids, “Do this…”, they will say, “No!” When they tell their kids, “Don’t do this…”, they will keep doing it anyway. When they do it once or twice, you can still understand. But when they do it over and over again, then it gets too irritating.

This is the reason why reading Numbers (especially chapters 11-21) is irritating. The Israelites complain, murmur, and grumble against God over and over again. In spite of all the wonders God did for them, they still lack faith. But what is more irritating is that as we read those stories, it is like we are one of the actors in that movie. Or it is like looking in a mirror, the more we see their faithlessness, the more we see our own hearts also.

There is so much  for us to learn through these stories. Click here (or the image thumbnail above) to read, listen, download or share this sermon.


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