Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 5)

Bad things happen to God’s people. But as we see in last week’s stories of Joseph and Judah, God turns bad things into good. It’s easy to say this truth to comfort our friends or loved ones who are suffering. But it is not too easy to hear and accept if you are the one suffering. This is especially the case when you are suffering for a very long time, our prayers seem unanswered, God seems too distant or absent, you think your sufferings are unfair or undeserved, and when your “why” questions are left unanswered.

You might be surprised to find out in the story of Job that God has more important things in mind than answering our “why” questions. To read, listen, download or share the sermon God Shows Himself in Suffering, click here.


  1. I heard Pastor Derick preach this sermon when we were in Baliwag, and I thought it was an excellent presentation on how God uses suffering in the lives of His people.


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