Hearts Stirred Up (Ezra 1-2)

Our hope is in God who is sovereign overall and can change the heart of anyone to be obedient to his word and to fullfill his redemptive purposes. If he can do this with King Cyrus, he can do this with anyone.


Let’s Talk about God’s Story (Week 5)

Here's the discussion guide for Week 5 of The Story of God. This guide includes the story of Job. Use this in your small group, family worship time, Sunday School class, or for sharing to non-Christians. Related articles Let's Talk about God's Story (Week 4) Let's Talk about God's Story (Week 3) Let's Talk about... Continue Reading →

Listen to God’s Story (Chapter 5)

Bad things happen to God's people. But as we see in last week's stories of Joseph and Judah, God turns bad things into good. It's easy to say this truth to comfort our friends or loved ones who are suffering. But it is not too easy to hear and accept if you are the one... Continue Reading →

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