“As for Me and My House”

Last Sunday, I preached about family worship. I believe that it is the missing element in our worship life.

Yes, we believe that “worship is a way of life.” But there are special times we dedicate to God to re-focus our minds and hearts on his greatness and grace. One is our daily quiet time, when we spend a few minutes in silence – alone with God, listening to his Word and his Spirit, conversing with him in prayer, and recording our thoughts and impressions during that time.

The other is corporate worship. This is the time we spend with our brothers and sisters in our church family. We sing together, read the Scriptures together, confess our sins together, pray together, and listen to his Word preached together.

There is a sense of “disconnection” when we (at least those who have Christian families) move just from personal to corporate worship. I strongly believe that our worship life will be more intense, sincere, God-glorifying and life-transforming when it flows from personal worship to family worship and then to corporate worship.

If you are not convinced, you can listen to my sermon last Sunday, “As for Me and My House”: A Call to Family Worship.

Or you might want to listen to this song first:

Other helpful resources:

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