10 Mahalagang Quotes mula sa “The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ” ni Ray Ortlund

Papaano ipinamamalas ng church ang kagandahan ni Cristo? Ito’y sa pamamagitan ng ebanghelyo! Binabago ng ebanghelyo ang buhay ng mga mananampalataya na siyang dumadaloy sa kung papaano nito rin binabago ang gawi ng iglesia, ito man ay sa kanyang relasyon sa Diyos at sa mga taong nakapalibot dito. Inaanyayahan tayo ni Ray Ortlund na makita ito sa pamamagitan ng Bibliya kung papaano ito nangyayari sa ikakaluwalhati ng Diyos. Heto ang sampung quotes mula sa kanyang aklat na The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ.

“How does this gospel doctrine lead to a gospel culture? It creates churches of bright, resilient, rugged hope. It creates churches that face life as it is and are not defeated.” (page 62)

“Gospel doctrine creates a gospel culture. The doctrine of grace creates a culture of grace. When the doctrine is clear and the culture is beautiful, that church will be powerful.” (page 21)

“It’s not enough for us to ask, does our church teach gospel doctrine? We must also ask, is our church culture clearly aligned with that gospel doctrine?” (page 89)

“A new culture of holiness to the Lord flows from deep within—from hearts that are refreshed in the love of Christ and given over to him alone.” (page 48)

“The only answer to one culture is another culture—not just a concept, but a counterculture. A church should offer the world such a counterculture, a living embodiment of the gospel.” (page 67)

“The goal is not to make the church safe to sin; it’s to make it safe for confession and repentance. When the gospel of Christ’s grace defines both doctrine and the culture of a church, it’s members can safely confess and forsake sin.” (page 73)

“There is nothing else like the church in the world today—a new kind of community created by God that makes the gospel visible and convincing in a world that believes everything but the gospel.” (page 68)

“…churches where hearts burn with the gospel give off the aroma of Christ himself, wonderful to God in heaven above. There is much about us that God graciously overlooks. What he notices, and what pleases him, is our churches’ passion for Christ crucified.” (page 95)

“Your church is called to be a pillar lifting high the truth of the gospel. The one truth that will outlast the universe, the one truth that can help sinners and sufferers right now, deserves to be put on clear display. We must not allow anything in our churches to compete with the high visibility of the gospel.” (page 75)

“The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ refuses to be held at arm’s length with critical detachment. No one judges the gospel. It judges all, and it saves some.” (page 96)

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