Part 6: Grace and Power

JesusPreachingJesus came not to perform miracles but primarily to preach the word of God. He came to proclaim that there is a King to whom we must submit and whose will we must obey. And to say that that King is no other than himself.

The words he proclaimed are words of God’s salvation. Words of grace. Words of power. Words for all of us. That means that he himself is our Savior.

If such is the case with the words of Jesus and that he is our King and our Savior, then we must listen, obey and tell others about him.

Whose words are you listening to? Whose words are you sharing to others?


This is an excerpt from part 6 of the sermon series The Story of Jesus based on the story of Luke 4:14-44. I encourage you to listen to this sermon. You can also read and download this sermon. I also urge you to share this message to your friends.

Listen to sermon…

Note: To download the audio (in mp3), click the “menu” button on the bottom right corner of the sermon player.

Listen with presentation…

Read sermon notes: 

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