Whatever Happened to the Family?

We Filipinos are proud of our high family values. However, merely saying that we value the family is not enough to shield and rescue us from the disintegration caused by our own sinful hearts. This debilitating disease dates back to the first rift in marriage and the family because of the unbelief and disobedience of Adam and Eve.

It is now not uncommon to hear of marriages breaking apart because of adultery and lack of emotional attachment. Even without legalizing divorce, unlike in other countries, people are finding ways to get through with the legal annulment, which has implications far worse than divorce. Even without getting an annulment, no one stops couples from breaking up and pursuing a second or third marriage.

Some may even stay married but live like they are not married. Some work overseas and be physically apart from their family for a long period of time which may eventually cause emotional attachment. Some also work overseas unmindful that they are putting their marriage and their family at great risk, earning money while losing what is far more important.

Because of that trend, we are witnessing the rise of a fatherless or motherless generation. Children are growing up without their father or their mother or both of them. They don’t know that leaving the children under the care of a grandfather or a grandmother can never replace the love, affection and instruction which come from parents totally surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ over their home.

Because of these alarming trends (and many more tragic stories can be cited), I spent four Sundays preaching in our church about Jesus’ command (based on Matthew 19:3-15) for married couples to stay faithful and intimate in their relationship, for singles who are preparing for marriage or a life of blessed singleness, and for parents in leading their children to him.

Let Not Man Separate (Part 1): God’s Beautiful Design for Marriage

[audio http://cdn.sermonplayer.com/k/pastorderick/audio/2618182_19480.mp3]

Let Not Man Separate (Part 2): On Adultery, Divorce, and Remarriage

[audio http://cdn.sermonplayer.com/k/pastorderick/audio/2628536_19480.mp3]

Let Not Man Separate (Part 3): Singles in Christ, Singles for Christ

[audio http://cdn.sermonplayer.com/k/pastorderick/audio/2631669_19480.mp3]

Let the Children Come to Me

[audio http://cdn.sermonplayer.com/k/pastorderick/audio/2651190_19480.mp3]

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