What kind of commitment does God desire of us? If we will look at Stephen's story in Acts chapters 6 to 7, the answer is obvious. To commit to the ministry is to commit with all of our life even if it costs us our lives. "Wait a minute," some of you might start saying.... Continue Reading →

Refiner’s Fire

May this song be the prayer of our hearts: [youtube¬†] Purify my heart Let me be as gold and precious silver Purify my heart Let me be as gold, pure gold Refiner's fire My heart's one desire Is to be holy Set apart for You, Lord I choose to be holy Set apart for You,... Continue Reading →


It is sad that many Christians are joining a church or staying in a church because they feel comfortable there. The life of Christians in the early church recorded in the Book of Acts was unlike that of sitting in a very comfortable sofa. They were heavily persecuted because of their faith and obedience to... Continue Reading →

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