Throwback: “A Faithful Shepherd”

God wants us all to be faithful ministers. God wants all pastors like me to be faithful shepherds. How can I then be a faithful pastor? How can we all be faithful servants of God? How can we take good care of what God has placed in our hands, whether it be big or small in our eyes?

The Pastor’s Hope in Conflict (Rom. 13:1-7) download mp3 ***Preached during the 10th Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference last May 28, 2018 at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Baliuag, Bulacan*** Introduction: "The Strong and the Weak" Our passion for theology can get us into trouble. And I don't mean trouble with people who don't believe the gospel. Kasali yun. Pero yung mas masakit,... Continue Reading →

2018 Pastors Conference (Photos)

My heart is overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for all who came to participate and serve in our Pastors Conference last May 4-5 held at International Baptist Church of Manila. I was thrilled to worship God with you, preach the gospel to you (with the plenary speakers and workshop facilitators), and partner with you in... Continue Reading →

Gospel Shaped Pastor: A Conference for Younger Pastors (May 4-5, 2018)

We measure success in our pastoral ministry na para bang ang disenyo ng Diyos sa church ay katulad lang din ng sistema sa mundong ito. We feel successful kapag mas marami ang attendance 'pag Sunday, 'pag mas maganda ang church facilities, 'pag mas malaki ang budget, 'pag mas attractive ang mga programs. Kapag nakatali ang... Continue Reading →

What Keeps Me Going: 9 Years and Counting

Yesterday marks my nine years of serving our church family - Baliwag Bible Christian Church - as leading pastor. Here are my... nine rock-solid convictions for nine years of pastoral ministry I am called by God to be a pastor only by his grace, not because I am more deserving, more qualified or more capable... Continue Reading →

Preaching and Faithfulness

Isa si John Calvin (1509-1564) sa naging tapat sa pangangaral ng Salita ng Diyos hanggang sa kanyang kamatayan. He was a precious gift to the Church. Ang kanyang impluwensiya sa pagtuturo ng Salita ng Diyos ay hindi lamang noong nagsisimula pa lamang ang Reformation noong 16th century, kundi hanggang ngayon. Sa panahong tinutuligsa ang mga... Continue Reading →

The Superman Pastor

Our flocks are frequently helpful but also frequently not. Our churches want their pastors to be just like one of them, except when difficulty hits, and then they want them to be Obi Wan Kenobi. They want their pastors to be totally accessible, on call 24/7, and thoroughly involved in the extracurriculars of congregational life,... Continue Reading →

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