In our church, we are beginning to see the value of small groups. In our effort to encourage everyone in the church to be involved in small group life (we call it Kaagapay Groups), I preached a sermon last Sunday entitled May Kaagapay Ka na Ba?

Sharing lives in small groups is not just optional; it is essential. Donahue and Robinson, in their book Building a Church of Small Groups, agree:

You cannot pursue a life of transformation on your own. Personal prayer, Scripture reading, and memorizing, solitude, and other spiritual practices are essential, but pursued apart from community they fall short in producing the degree of transformation Christ intends.”

In that sermon, I gave seven reasons why small groups are essential – good for one’s soul, good for the church, good for the world, and more importantly, it is for the glory of God. When we are part of a Kaagapay Group (small group), we are:

  1. Together in the journey of following Christ.
  2. Together in stirring our love for one another.
  3. Together in carrying the burdens of one another.
  4. Together in serving the whole church.
  5. Together in building up the body of Christ.
  6. Together in reaching out to the lost.
  7. Together in giving God the glory.

I pray that all Christians will commit to lovingly share their lives to other Christians in small groups.

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