Samot-Sari #2

Event: Preaching the Gospel (Steven Lawson) in Manila (Aug. 23-24) and Cagayan de Oro (Aug. 27-28)

Dr. Steve Lawson writes, “Deep within the soul of every expositor, there must reside an unwavering commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Regardless of the cultural currents of the day, and regardless of the changing of the times, he must be persuaded that faith in Jesus Christ alone is the only way of salvation.” The Gospel is so fundamental and crucial in our lives that “to be wrong about the Gospel is to be wrong everywhere else that truly matters.”

For the Pastor Knee-Deep in Immorality (Tim Challies)

Some sobering words here: “The fall of another pastor means the agony of another church, as yet another community of Christians grapples with the fallout of their pastor’s great sin. The fall of another husband means the agony of another wife, as she bears the weight of her husband’s immorality. The fall of another leader means the disquiet of another group of admirers, as they deal with the fall of a man they looked up to.”

Free ebook: The Total Depravity of Man (A. W. Pink)

“It is a doctrine of great practical value as well as spiritual importance. The foundation of all true piety lies in a correct view of ourselves and our vileness, and a scriptural belief in God and His grace. There can be no genuine abhorrence or repentance, no real appreciation of the saving mercy of God, no faith in Christ, without it.”

Christlike Confidence > ‘Self-Love’

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