Following Jesus (Taglish ebook)

Not many people can understand the message of the gospel and its implications in just one sitting.

Following Jesus is designed to facilitate an understanding of the gospel message over time. This approach is based on the principle that evangelism is not just an event but a process. Following Jesus helps non-Christians to answer two basic questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What is a Christian?”

Jesus is Lord (Lesson 1) who died for our sins (2) and rose from the dead (3). A Christian is one who is saved by grace (4), repents and turns away from sin (5), and believes in and follows Jesus (6).

This is based on Michael Bennet’s Christianity Explained

Although Following Jesus is originally designed to introduce non-Christians to the gospel, you can also use this to start-up your discipleship of new believers. It will help them get grounded in the gospel, learn how to preach the gospel to themselves and to others, and see the implication of the gospel for all of life.

download ebook
pdf, ePub and Kindle formats in one .zip file (including pdf of student notes and teacher’s notes)

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