The Story of God

Why are we using “The Story of God” in studying, applying and teaching God’s Word? Rick Wood wrote in “Unleashing the Gospel through Storytelling” (Nov-Dec 2013 issue of Mission Frontiers):

Everyone loves a great story. And we have the greatest story ever told. But I am afraid that few inside the church understand the whole story of God well enough, or are trained well enough, to tell this story to someone who needs Jesus.

Most people, even believers, see the Bible as a disjointed collection of books, verses and teachings but they do not understand the overall story of God that is presented from Genesis to Revelation and how they fit into it. When reaching out to the lost, we cannot assume that anyone in our world today knows any Bible stories or understands how they fit together. We must be prepared to do that for them.

There is a central theme that runs through Scripture that ties all of history together. Every believer should be trained to tell that story of God from Creation to Christ so that every person can find their place in the unfolding story of God in history to bring access to the gospel to every person, tribe and tongue. Most believers think the gospel is just about God saving them when in reality it is also about what God wants to do in the world through them. As a result most Jesus followers never get plugged into the mission of God on earth.

In line with this great need, we have prepared various resources (all in Tagalog) that you can use.

The Changed-Man Story

This is our “hook” story based on Mark 5.

The 12-Minute Story of God

This is our overview of the message of the Bible in 12 minutes or less.

The 12-Week Story of God (Basic Set)

Use this for sharing the overview of the gospel and its context in the Old and New Testaments to a group of unbelievers and/or new believers. Guide for training others on how to use “The Story of God” is also included here.

Trainer’s Guide  |  Story Pictures

The 12-Week Story of God’s Church (Acts)

Use this in helping a group of new believers form their own church family. We call it GraceCommunities in our church.

Leader’s Guide  |  Story Pictures  | Sermon Series on Acts

The 12-Month Story of God (Whole Set)

Story Guides (ongoing)  |  Sermon Series

If you want to request training about how to use these resources, you may use the contact form below. We are also looking for volunteers who can help in improving, financing, and producing multimedia (audio-video) resources. Please let us know if you are interested to partner with us.

We also welcome your questions, suggestions and other comments.


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