Part 37: New Identity (Luke 17:1-19)

[sorry, audio of this sermon is not available] Resources A New Creation Kapag feeling mo hindi ka "accepted" - sa school o sa work o kahit sa loob ng bahay - you feel isolated, ang baba ng tingin mo sa sarili mo, apektado ang pamumuhay mo. Pero kapag naramdaman mo ang acceptance, nababago nito ang... Continue Reading →


Part 7: Touched

Some of you feel that, when compared to others, you are ugly, dirty, and unholy. You may feel that you are an outsider, that no one is paying attention to you, that you are unloved.¬†What you feel is similar to an "unclean" man in Luke chapter 5. "While [Jesus] was in one of the cities,... Continue Reading →


I spent two Sundays (Dec. 5 and 12) preaching about how we must deal with our anger. In part 1, based on Matthew 5:21-26, I pointed out that our anger is often sinful and selfish. Like murder, we will be liable to God for all our angry words or thoughts, even if we perceive them... Continue Reading →

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