Loving Leviticus

Loving Leviticus? Hmmm...these two words don't seem to be compatible. Just ask Bible readers - even Christian leaders - and the adjectives that may seem to correspond to the third book of the Bible are "boring, difficult, irrelevant," That may be true if you are looking at Leviticus as merely a code of regulations for... Continue Reading →

Pray through God’s Story (Week 8)

Here's the Week 8 guide for praying through God's story. Use it in your personal prayer time, family worship time, or in your church's prayer groups. This guide selects key passages from Leviticus. Related Resources: Week 7 Guide Leading a God-Centered Prayer Meeting

Let’s Talk about God’s Story (Week 8)

Here's the discussion guide for Week 8 of The Story of God. This guide includes the story of God's giving of the law in Mt. Sinai, recorded in Leviticus. Use this in your small group, family worship time, Sunday School class, or for sharing to non-Christians. If you want to listen to the sermon related... Continue Reading →

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