[Sermon] “Holy, Holy, Holy”: An Astonishing Vision of God’s Glory (Isa. 6:1-4)

Magbabago ang panahon, at anumang tinitingnan o inaasahan natin ngayon ay magbabago din, mawawala din, but only One will remain and not change. He is alive, he is the King of all kings, he is still on his throne. Hindi magbabago yun. Yun, siya dapat, ang Diyos dapat ang tingnan natin. May we also “encounter God through his word” today in the preaching of his word. Na kung ano ang nakita ni Isaiah, makita rin natin. Kung ano ang narinig niya, marinig din natin. Ano ang nakita niya? Ano ang narinig niya? Tingnan natin ang Isaiah 6:1-4.

[Sermon] “I Saw the Lord”: A Biblical Theology of Seeing God

Gusto mo bang makita ang Diyos? Kung oo at makikita natin ang Diyos, paano? Paanong hindi tayo mamamatay at the sight of the glory of God? Paano nagiging “life-giving” (sa halip na nakamamatay!) at “life-transforming” itong “vision of God” na ‘to? At kung life-giving at life-transforming ito, how do we respond para sa sarili nating buhay at para sa iba?

Gospel Awakening Session 2 – Holy, Holy, Holy (Eric Hernandez)

A rediscovery of the gospel begins with a vision of the holiness of God. What does it mean for God to be holy? Why is a “God-entranced vision of all things” crucial for gospel awakening both in our individual lives and in our churches? How should this vision of God’s holiness motivate us in our own personal pursuit of holiness and in helping our churches progress in sanctification?

Highlights: “The Gospel According to God”

“Jesus received no help or succor in his death. He suffered under the relentless, unrelieved terrors of divine wrath and fury against sin. God arrived in the blackness at Calvary to bring judgment, not on the ungodly, but on his Son. God brought the outer darkness of hell to Calvary that day as he unleashed the full extent of his wrath against the sins of all who would ever believe in Jesus Christ. Infinite wrath moved by infinite righteousness brought infinite punishment on the eternal Son.”